Friday, November 27, 2015

NEW shop Amazon Handmade - Making plans for 2016

Shop Handmade!

This year I decided to try out a new venture in Amazon Handmade. The reach of Amazon globally, the handmade label, sounded enticing; anyway you know what "they" say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Here is the shop link, I liked their layout very much: 

I also just added some framed items to my Etsy shop, have to keep renewing inventory and all those "stale" woodcuts need new homes. Great bargains in the Framed section and be sure to use the coupon on my front page HAPPYSEASON for a generous (I'm nothing if not generous) discount.
Here is my Etsy shop:

An online shop isn't as satisfying as being in a happy festival but there is no wind and no set-up bruises at the end. Also there isn't any contact with collectors but sometimes they send me a nice note after I rehome my woodcuts. Two days and I already made sales so that is a good thing!


I confess I am really not very good at sitting still. Adrenaline from the last festival still flowing I am planning my next year adventures already. First and foremost, clean my studio to get the creative blood pumping. I might rearrange some things and a little birdie told me I have a new toy coming for my birthday so I can't wait to play!

Good festivals are competitive and the application process begins about a year to six months in advance. I am leaving the first months of the year open for hiking and travel adventures but thereafter I hope to get into a few select good ones. 
I am looking at Arizona, Utah, Washington, Colorado and maybe California for Labor Day. Some local festivals too of course, maybe even an open studio in the works.

I will also be applying for a residency in a National Park or three! Why not, with several other residencies under my belt, I hope I get to go to a beautiful place and make art with visitors of the park.
A Closer Look, Red Rock Canyon residency image 2014

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