Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Printmaking adventure extraordinaire!

Puzzle print adventures

I was summoned to nearby St George Utah by Kris Adler (brave art instructor) to help in printing a puzzle print. Obviously I could not resist being involved in a puzzle print! So I saddled up the faithful steed and crossed desert and mountains through some of the most beautiful country in the American West.

After an incredible day of solitude in Zion National Park and a visit with my niece and family and my oh-so-tiny new family member (Dash Awesome Boren), I headed to Pineview High School for a chat with students and a session of ink and fun.

And fun we had! I explained a little about previous puzzle prints and even brought the first puzzle print and  City of the World blocks for all to see:

Then we just got down and dirty and proceeded to print the collaboration print from the printmaking class of Fall 2014. I can't believe I actually just handed my $1000 camera to a couple of budding video-photographers but all's well that ends well and I was very impressed with the photos and videos.


Videos and photos of the resulting print chaos can be seen in various places, mostly in my YouTube Channel and Facebook Page and some pics in my FB Profile. What can I say, I was tired and couldn't make up my mind where to upload it all. Have fun hunting it all down.

1000woodcuts YouTube

1000woodcuts Facebook Page

Maria's Facebook Profile

Whew! I hope I'm done for this year because there's family coming for a holiday bash and I have to switch to domestic mode. Have a great one everyone!

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