Friday, February 28, 2014

Octopus garden on the ceiling!?

What does nature printing have to do with our Fantastic Garden?

I met master octopus printer Sharron Huffman through the Nature Printing Society, an energetic fish-and-leaf loving bunch. These people will literally grab anything off the floor, from the ocean, riverbeds and forests, then ink and print it!
The creations are absolutely marvelous, check them out here:
Nature Printing Society

Sharron Huffman is the resident master octopus-printer and she delights students in the yearly workshop by bringing seemingly larger and larger octopi to be ink and printed (and, for what I hear, sometimes eaten afterwards!). Yum.
Find her amazing work here:
Herring Cove Originals

Anyhow, she bravely dove into the world of woodcuts and contributed an octopus to our Fantastic Garden.

"I put my garden on the slanted ceiling in my studio also. Thanks to sweet Harry who got way up on the stepladder while I prayed for his safety! Here's Harry - 2 attached jpg's - doing the installation, and another photo for how it looks in context. I was getting ready for an open house/studio, and it was so neat how it worked out: my Puzzle Print Octopus came to rest very near my Octopus Wall of Fame. :-)
Many thanks again for such a fun project."

Keep them coming! This is fun...

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