Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Project in the Works: Fantastic Garden

Ready or not, here we go again! (Insert William Tell Overture here!)

I started doodling!
We are just ready to launch sign up for the Fantastic Garden starting the first week of April. This exciting new monumental collaboration will (hopefully) receive additional funding from the Kickstarter project by the same name, to go live in early April.

Participant artists, please read the new and improved agreement in the page on this blog called 2013 Fantastic Garden. The instructions will remain in place through sign up. This blog, along with the Kickstarter page will be the headquarters of the project.

For those of you not familiar with go peruse some projects! The platform allows for creative project funding through rewards given to backers of each project. This allows us artists to play together in exchange for giving the gift of art, how cool is that!

More to come in a couple of days. I just shot a video for the project main page and should be receiving the results very soon.

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