Thursday, July 28, 2011

Welcome more citizens!

The latest arrivals from Oregon and Michigan in USA, love these rural additions!

Renee Ugrin's city block from Damascus Oregon USA
Check out the cool ink drawings on the newspaper page! Here is a larger view of the block:

And citizen Linda Beeman from Ovid Michigan USA writes:

The City of the World will need water.  Lots of water.  What better place to supply it than a fresh, mountain waterfall?  I envision the water flowing into a small stream as it travels down the mountainside.  It widens and deepens and fish are fat and plentiful. The river quenches the thirst of deer, bear and small forest animals.  People come to this mountain river for peace and solitude.  The majesty of this natural place reminds them that they are small and inconsequential.  They leave refreshed and thankful for the gift of water - vowing to protect this place.


There are a few more that have arrived in the past couple of weeks so check the next blog posts in the coming days. Also, if you want info published on the blog with your blocks, please send the colophon information by going to this page:

If you typed your info that's okay too. Whatever you wrote will be published in the colophon once I get to that, but to get the info online in this blog, the information has to be sent to me in electronic form please please pretty please.

Come'on citizens! Come home to the Great City!!!

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