Thursday, January 6, 2011

Welcome email to City of the World participants

The City of the World is now 111 citizens strong and your humble instigator is ready to get going.

Please keep this page in your email files forever, save it close to your heart.
This is the main information web page for the project:

We now also have an official blog, where I will post all the emails that I send (including this one), progress reports, pictures, and so on. Everyone can comment at any time and you can add the blog to your favorite reader to stay informed:

A bit of business to take care of. Those of you who have not yet contributed to the project, please do so before the end of January, about 4 weeks from now. The project gets expensive and, most importantly, the blocks are very tedious to replace. I will send blocks only to paid citizens...aaaahhh those pesky city taxes...
Anyhow, contribute what you can, however you can; instructions on the project's main page.

Detailed instructions are online for everyone who wishes to start reading. Go to the main page of the project and click on Instructions from the top menu.
It's a PDF and it's good reading, I swear!
If there are any questions at any time, please contact me.

What's next?
I'm buying wood, that's what! New scroll saw blades maybe. I will unveil the design as I get it done.

Once more, WELCOME!!! to the City of the World.

Instigator, Mayor, and Chief Wood Chopper

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  1. Here we go! I'm excited about being involved.

    Citizen Terry