Sunday, April 11, 2010


I had all intentions of finishing my Valley of Fire II print before I left on a little trip across the West US, but I decided I needed more bokashi-practice. So my blocks for that print are all cut and ready to print when I get back.

Meantime, I actually got my Chinese Lunar New Year 2010 Tigers all done!
This was a fun little print where I wanted to push the Shina ply a bit and see how small I could go before cursing and throwing my tiny blocks out the window. Luckily, none of that came to pass and my proud little tigers are all ready to travel.

The three blocks needed to make the tigers, key printed in sumi ink, green/yellow mix and bright orange and just below, the two first stages of the print:

I must say there is something immensely satisfying about seeing a whole lot of prints drying on the desk (or hanging, depending on size). I think this is the part I like most, all those near-identical prints...

In any case, the tigers will fly off tomorrow. I'm still debating whether to buy actual Tiger stamps or use up the Ox stamps that I overbought from earlier this year. I guess you'll see when you get them!
Oh, I didn't include an official info sheet with these, they are going as First Class postcard mail, so:

Title: 2010
Woodblock on 3 Shina plywood blocks, Akua inks, key block black Sumi ink
Paper are ready cut postcards from the Baren Mall

Happy Year of the Tiger everyone!


  1. Oh I thought I'd comment that the image is from a cheap Chinese scroll that I've had hanging in the house or studio for as long as I can remember. I purchased it at a swap meet in 1979, I think.

  2. It's a super image, Maria... very effective. I love it when pieces that attracted us years ago can be recycled into new art.

  3. Nice tigers. Looks like you've gotten the moku hanga thing under control pretty well. Nice registration jig too!