Monday, December 7, 2009

Works in progress, finally...but not yet

When I can't make new art, I entertain myself doing something in the studio. I HAVE been carving a large project and been designing some new but these days I just can't bring myself to print. Tough year!

One of my long-standing projects on my never ending list of things to do was to take better photos of my artwork and complete my digital files. With almost 300 images on record, this has been a tedious and boring project. And I'm not done yet!

But I'm liking the results and now all my images look better. Since it's "the season" I also decided I had too many prints laying about and, not in the mood for returning to the festival circuit as of yet, I decided to revamp my online shops in ebay and Etsy. The details work very well to give someone a better idea of what they are getting within the limitations of online art displays.

Automating tasks in Photoshop and Dreamweaver makes the process a lot faster, although there is still a bit of work for each image. And since I can't seem to do anything without thinking of my fellow artists, I'm also working on a guide on just how to do this, imaging, online selling, and so on. Great...another book project...just what I need.

Here are some examples of some of those details. With ebay's new "free gallery" policies for the art category, it has become a lot easier to make better looking and more visually informative displays. For anyone that has been thinking about placing a couple of older art items online in one of these shops, this is the time!

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