Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Goldwell Adventures Update and the Red Barn Art Center

The Goldwell Adventure has been partially uploaded. I uploaded pictures from the workshop which show off the interior of the Red Barn Art Center and me working away. Well, if you can call making art in eden "working".
I also uploaded pictures of the workshop, some of my faithful and fearless students, and their work. It was fun leading them into the world of the woodcut in such a great place.
Photo albums of the place itself are coming but there are about 1200 photos to go through and I get tired of sitting, click, click, click...so they will get there but in due time. Meanwhile, the view to the South is prominent in the Goldwell Project page, it's almost enchanting even in a small web size. Imagine the silence and the wind brushing gently against the creosote ocean...


  1. What a gorgeous photo!
    I'm off to see some more...

  2. I will work on my next two photo albums today and post some links.
    They will be at:
    Thanks for your unbound enthusiasm!

  3. I've occasionally been compared to a puppy when it comes to my enthusiasm for printmaking :-) I looked at more photos at your site. What a magical place. Reminds me a little of Ghost Ranch in New Mexico in its starkness, but different colors and the mountains are different, too. I love the blocks you made there.