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Blocks mailed! 3/24/2020

Blocks have been mailed! Now it is all up to the artists. We are right on schedule.
Instructions for artists have been uploaded in two places:
And the Facebook Group (look under "Files"): https://www.facebook.com/groups/puzzlewoodcutprints 

Looks like we made it! 3/10/2020

So we funded and all is well, it was very close. Live and learn...
Since then I have settled on a sketch, cut the blocks to size, sanded them, printed and enlarged the sketch and I'm ready to transfer to blocks. Warm up the jig-saw!
Final sketch, gray lines are the big block divisions

Update 2/19/2020

Bookmark this page!
Looking good at 65 backers for a total of 80 artists!
Funding the project through Kickstarter is important but with this many artists we will do the project either way.

March 3 - last day to sign up through Kickstarter
February/March 2020 - Blocks designed and cut by me
April 1 2020 - Single puzzle pieces mailed out
September 30 2020 - PARTICIPANT DEADLINE to return carved puzzle pieces with information filled out
October 2020 to January 2021 - I print assembled Kindness puzzle, photograph each image, gather info, send book to publish, send poster to printer...whew!
February 2021 - 100 Acts of Kindness woodcut print, books, posters and postcards mailed out


I will publish project updates and the information form to fill out when we get there! Don't worry, will email everyone with link to this page. Tell a friend about the project!



So a monumental puzzle print works like this: I design a big image under the theme "Kindness" and put it on a woodblock (really several but who's counting?). Then I carefully cut the blocks into as many puzzle pieces as there are participants and send each participant-artist a strangely shaped 5-7 inch (diameter) blank woodblock. 

Each artist thinks and thinks about the theme and draws an image on their block, carves it so it can be printed in relief and sends it back to me. I wait patiently until all our puzzle pieces are back, assemble the puzzle, print the entire thing as a multi-panel woodcut print and send the beautiful puzzle-print back to everyone; each participant receives a huge print encompassing the entire design.

At the same time (rumor has it there are several of me running around) I have gathered information on each little block and each artist and all that gets printed into a book, I add some process pictures and previous puzzles just for fun.

So now you know.

Sign up here:  


I know, I know, people don't like to read...so here, very quickly, important notes:

 FRIEND LEVELS are for those who would like to support the project
 ARTIST LEVELS are for those who are going to collaborate in making the project
Anyone can pledge more than the reward minimum, that's why it says $00 or more, so if you have the funds and are currently undergoing a generosity phase, please feel free to contribute more than the minimum